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The story of Langmeil begins with early Barossa settlement, planted to Shiraz by Christian Auricht in the 1840s, the estate vineyards were restored by the Lindner and Bitter families during the 1990s. Some of Herr Auricht's original plantings are still in production, three and a half priceless acres of gnarled, dry grown vines which provided the cuttings for much of Langmeil's refurbished heirloom parcels. A princely range of old, to very old single vineyard wines, delineated by the eloquence of each unique site, defined by the provenance of history and pioneer folklore. Saved from the ravages of time by the hand of providence and generations of dedicated Barossa growers... The legacy landscapes of langmeil»
Early Harvest
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Early Harvest
Early Harvest wine is the combination of fresh thinking, and winemaking skill that has resulted in new style of wine with an unexpected benefit.

Crafted using the first picked grapes of the season to create a new refreshing style of wine naturally lower in calories than other brands.

Early Harvest

The naturally occurring benefit of low calorie in no way compromises the taste or traditional varietal characteristics of the wines.

Crafting of all wines is a process involving fruit selection, crushing, fermenting and maturing before bottling. First picked grapes yield less sugar whilst retaining full fruit characteristics to produce a wine that is lighter in colour and also naturally lower in calories.

In spring and summer, the shoots grow longer and the grape flowers begin to form grape berries, a process called 'berry set', which then increases in size.

Early Harvest

In late summer or early auumn, the ripening process starts. It is now that sugar, flavour, colour, and many compounds develop within the berry cells. Berry size and bunch weight increases dramatically. The stage where the grapes start to ripen is called 'veraison'. In autumn the vintage commences.

The ripening process may take 4-7 weeks. When the grapes are of a suitable composition to make a particular style of wine, the harvest date is declared and the bunches of grapes are picked.

Mark Robertson ex. of Matua, Clare and vintages in France, has made Winestate's "Winemaker of the Year" and has taken out Air New Zealand's "Chardonnay of the Year" Trophy.

Kirsty Glaetzer, ex. Yellowglen, Krondorf and Wolf Blass, began her career as a biotechnologist before consolidating her skills as a principle winemaker at Foster's, overseeing the vintages of a large number of wines and labels.

Early Harvest