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Lindsay McCall's enthusiasm for great wine began in the 1970s, he established his first Mornington plantings in 1985 on the site of a derelict orchard at Red Hill along Paringa Road. From day one, McCall focused on exactingly managing the soils and the vines, after completing his day job as local school teacher. His affinity for the land and astonishing feel for winemaking produced monumental vintages of Pinot Noir, which propelled the exquisite range of Paringa Estate wines to international renown. McCall works closely with Mornington's finest vignerons to nurture better standards of viticulture and deliver finer vintages with each harvest. Limited yields of elite parcels, the artisanal efforts of Paringa Estate are regional icons, weaving the pick of Mornington's fruit into one of our nation's most illustrious.. Exquisite editions by the master of mornington»
Fontys Pool
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Fontys Pool
Established in 1989, Fonty’s Pool wines is a contemporary, Pemberton winery, producing consistently exceptional and approachable wines

Fonty’s Pool wines is located just outside the Pemberton township and set amongst an idyllic landscape of lush karri forests, approximately 335kms south of Western Australia’s capital city Perth. Established in 1989 with further vineyards planted in 1991, 1996 and 1998 to reach the current total of 110 hectares, the varieties produced are Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Malbec, Marsanne, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Shiraz, Verdelho and Viognier. The total property dimension is 330 hectares and besides grapes, produces avocados (4,000 trees) and truffles. There is also a water storage lake on the property that is over a kilometre long and holds over one million litres of water.

Fontys Pool

Premium sites within the original vineyard have been selected to create wines which emphasise their regional characteristics. The grapes are vinified under the direction of experienced winemaker Ely Jarvis (ex Cape Mentelle) who is crafting a unique signature to make Fonty’s Pool one of Western Australia’s most distinctive wineries. Known as a local landmark, the name Fonty’s Pool comes from an early settler to the region. In 1907 Archie Fontanini began farming on the property where the 110 hectares of vines are now laid. He built an irrigation dam which was affectionately called Fonty’s Pool’ and became a place where locals and tourists alike would come to swim.

The Pemberton winegrowing region is richly timbered, and was first planted experimentally to wine grapes in 1977. Since then Pemberton has continued to grow and has become widely acclaimed for its spectacular wines and beautiful scenery. Some 85 percent of the Pemberton region remains under native vegetation with magnificent marri forests in the northern half, moving to karri in the south.

The Pemberton Wine Region contains some of the oldest soils in the world. The best soils are the red gravely loams over clay, which are associated with the jarrah/ marri landscape. These soils are the same as the finest in Margaret River with the main difference being in Pemberton they account for about 70% of the area and are uniform throughout. Due to the topography, the soils are very well drained.

Fontys Pool

Pemberton is the coolest wine region in Western Australia. Principally due to its elevation above sea level and its close proximity to the confluence of the Great Southern and Indian Oceans. The coolness of Pemberton can be seen in the temperature statistics of winter chill hours and mean January, summer temperatures. This cooler climate confers the dual benefits of true vine dormancy and a long ripening period. In general this region harvests equivalent varieties about 2-3 weeks later than Margaret River.

During the summer and autumn Pemberton receives less rain and cloud than the coastal wine regions of Western Australia. This quality factor is important in disease management and the longer ripening period for the later Bordeaux varieties, for which Pemberton is renowned. Pemberton has been fortunate in getting the benefit from the improved technology of modern viticulture practices gleaned from the experience of the older premium wine regions.

The majority of vineyards in Pemberton are family owned and operated. This family ownership has allowed the development of a quality focus reminiscent of Margaret River 20 years ago. Pride and the pursuit of a premium quality product, whether making wine or selling grapes, have been a hallmark of Pemberton vineyards. Pemberton wineries are now cropping from vines which are fifteen years old. Combined with the experience in handling varieties suited to Pemberton climate. Growers are now seeing the benefit only vine age can give.

Fonty’s Pool Wines has become a leading wine producer in the cool-climate region of Pemberton. Premium sites within the vineyard have been selected to create wines that truly express their regional characteristics. The total area under vine is 110 ha and all wines are 100% estate grown. An emerging, contemporary winery producing consistently exceptional wines at an affordable price, Fonty’s Pool Wines is crafting a unique signature to make it one of Western Australia’s most distinctive wineries.

Fontys Pool