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Heirloom Vineyards were born of love. A romance between an esteemed wine judge and his protege, consumated by a shared passion to preserve the integrity of venerable old vineyards. A deference for the sanctity of the soil and adherence to the timeless procedures of organic viticulture, were an integral part of the vision. Their parching quest, to secure some grand old blocks of vine in the elder precincts of Adelaide Hills, Coonawarra, Barossa and Valley Eden, were followed by years of corrective husbandry, pencil label releases and bespoke vintages. The fostered old vines have now been resurrected, yielding treasured harvests of the most sublime new world wine. Recipients of prestigious Platinum Award & Best Shiraz Trophy Sommelier International, Double Gold China Wine & Spirit, Gold USA and San Francisco International, Adelaide Hills Chardonnay of Year and Best Barossa Wine of Show, the fruit of prodigal sites has been rejuvenated, to a measure of merit that's cherished throughout the world of inestimable, old vineyard wines... Serenading sleeping vineyards to life»
Wither Hills
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Wither Hills
Wither Hills produces some of New Zealand’s best recognised wines, in particular the Sauvignon Blanc, deservedly loved by many New Zealand and international wine drinkers

Over the years, Chief Winemaker Brent Marris has poured his heart and soul into making Wither Hills a brand to be extremely proud of. Wither Hills goes to great lengths tp preserve the highest quality of their wines. The Estate abstains from the industry wide practice of releasing small batches blended specifically for winning accolades at wine shows. Wither Hills has become so popular both domestically and internationally, that each vintage normally consists of several bottlings to satisfy demand, the estate ensures the brand's integrity by maintaining taste consistency across all bottling runs.

Wither Hills

Wither Hills vineyard has a significant three hundred hectares of superb viticultural land, nestled in the heart of the region's Wairau Valley. The Wairau Valley is the major grape growing area of Marlborough, bordered by the landmark range of hills to the South - the Wither Hills. The vineyards flourish in free draining, silty alluvial loam over deep stony river deposits, providing a near perfect growing environment.

New Zealand’s winemaking industry has been a major international success. The integrity of the country’s winemaking process is critical to that success, as it is to the high reputation of Wither Hills. In 2005 Wither Hills and Trelise Cooper formed a strategic alliance to promote their brands in New Zealand and abroad. Both are iconic international names, the result of clear vision, focus and unrelenting passion. Trelise acts as an ambassador for Wither Hills through an intense international schedule, and Wither Hills provides support for intrepid efforts like the New Zealand and Australian Fashion Weeks.

When Wither Hills makes wine, it puts a lot of emphasis on balance, the wine should contribute to the ambience. For Trelise Cooper, it was vital that the selection of a wine partner should fit comfortably with her customers’ tastes. "The woman who wears Trelise Cooper isn’t afraid to show her personality. She's not a conformist. She has a sense of humour, she's a risk taker and she has the courage to express herself. She is sexy and she likes her feminine side but she can be passionate about the boardroom too. Wither Hills is a perfect choice.”

Wither Hills

The new Tasting Room and Cellar at the Wither Hills Estate was officially opened at a gala lunch by Lion Nathan Chairman, Geoff Ricketts. The iconic building is the realization of a dream for the estate's team. That dream was to create a centre of excellence which will become a showcase for the New Zealand wine industry. Guests at the lunch included the President of Kirin Breweries Japan (Major shareholder in Lion Nathan), The Lion Nathan board, The Mayor of Marlborough and key people who have assisted in the development of the Wither Hills success story, including friends and family of Brent and John Marris.

Architects JAZMAX were challenged to design a building that would serve as the public face for the Wither Hills brand. The state-of-the-art development is perfectly integrated with the landscape – with building materials, colours and scale reflecting the natural environment of the Wairau Valley. "The Wither Hills form the backdrop to the winery…the strength of the brand has been built around this spectacular landscape,” said the project architect. The transformation of the site from its humble origins as an apple pack-house was a labour of love for the team, and a lot of hard work.

Acting not only as the home for the Wither Hills brand, but also as a resource for the Marlborough region, the dream could not have been realized without the efforts of an enormous number of people – particularly the many highly skilled local trades people. All of these people have laid a foundation for the future that will be enjoyed by many for years to come.

Wither Hills is founded on the sincere belief that the finest wines are always created from exceptional vineyards. The combination of winemaking and viticultural expertise is a powerful one that yeilds genuine rewards for those who appreciate premium wines. Steven Spurrier selected Wither Hills Pinot Noir 2003 as his Best New World Red choice for the April 05 issue of Decanter Magazine. His comment: "Brent Marris maintains his wines are Created in the Vineyard, to retain all the fruit. Superbly defined, with sumptuous, silky flavours over a backbone of ripe tannins, this is a great Marlborough Pinot with a marvellous 10-year future!" The Wither Hills team hope you will continue to savour and enjoy Wither Hills wines.

Wither Hills