Grandin Piccolo 200ml

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The fruit of Le Jardin de la France, the central Loire Valley, an ancient wine growing region with lovely vistas and magnificent castles. In 1883, notary and wine lover Henri Grandin married Mademoiselle Pouillet de Limesle, whose family owned the cellars of La Bouvraie in the old royal glassworks of Louis XIV, situated underneath a splendid castle at Ingrandes sur Loire. In 1886, he launched the label that bears his name. Grandin remains to this day an elegant sparkling wine, with an exceptional palate, fine bead and exquisite aromas.
Grapes are sourced from specialized vineyards in the Loire, Bordeaux and Charentais, pressed, inoculated and fermented into a still wine without any gas whatsoever. To this base wine, a small quantity of drawing liquid is added to induce a secondary fermentation. The fermenting wine is bottled and corked, effected by the action of the yeast, the second fermentation starts in the caves of H. Grandin, hidden from light, and away from any warmth. This second fermentation is what causes the wine's effervescence, called Prise de mousse. After a period of nine to twelve months in bottle whilst on sediments, the characteristic subtlety and finesse of Grandin begins to develop and to come of age.
Grandin is an attractive sparkling wine exhibiting a profuse effervescence and a rich straw gold color. Scents of flowers, yeast, light citrus and a hint of smoke. It rolls happily into a fruity mouthful of juicy, flavours. Delicate almond characters with undertones of hazelnut, subtle touch of clove and limes. Crisp and elegant, a well rounded, easy to enjoy palate, with good fruit, fresh flavours and depth of flavour.
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